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Rules [Aug. 13th, 2006|01:29 pm]
Fruits Basket RPG



1. No godmoding. Those who godmod will be shanked!! You have been warned >:O (beware of evil angry smiley!!)*
2. Use correct grammar and spelling: no internet short hand, no 733T, no excessive slang. An example of excessive slang would be
One day when Souma Yuki was chillin’ with the home dogs at Shigure’s
Crib, and let me tell you, the club was jumpin’ jumpin’.
3. Keep all out of character posts to the out of character community
4. Let us know if you are going to be gone for more that a week. If you make no posts for over a week you will be removed.
5. Be nice, be civil, be human, or else
6. No crack
7. Each character must have their own journal
8. All applications must be posted in out of character community for more information on applications
click here
9. When making a post use this layout
Then put the post behind an LJ cut
10. Slash, het, yaoi and yuri are ok
11. You can have 4 characters, but will only be allowed the 4th one after a months waiting period, assuming that you keep up with all of your current journals.

rules are subject to modification at any time.