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Notes on Akito   For all you people who want to apply… - Fruits Basket RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 13th, 2006|02:23 pm]
Fruits Basket RPG

Notes on Akito


For all you people who want to apply for Akito there is one restriction. Akito is a girl! There is a reason behind this. Although for the first 16 issues of Fruits Basket display her as a guy, Takaya Natsuki said that she had planned from the early stages of the manga for Akito to be a girl. Akito was not a guy for the first 16 issues only to randomly turn into a girl in issue 17. As the Fruits Basket anime only goes to roughly the middle of issue 6, and by that point in the manga, everyone was sure Akito was male, it is logical to assume that had the anime continued anime Akito would also have been revealed as a female. As the show never went that far we can only guess, and it is therefore not an accurate tool for argument on this topic. Long and short of it is; if I cannot make Hatsuharu a girl, you cannot make Akito a guy.  ^_^ anyone who wants to try to change my mind is welcomed to contact me on AIM FadedLily672, but do not comment here. Come with your guns because I am difficult to persuade.  Thank you